Anti-scale water treatment devices EUV Antica++


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Solution again water scale - Powel Antica

The AntiCa++ units (Principles of operation)

The AntiCa++ units operate on the principle of changing the supermolecular structure of treated water by alternating current induction.

water treatment

Treated water properties

  • No incrustations resulting from thermodynamic changes
  • Violation of old incrustations
  • Constant mineral matter content
  • treated water has no negative and positive influence on human body
  • Accelerated sludge sedimentation
  • Saving of washing detergents
  • A protective Fe3O4 film formed on metal surfaces (in certain circumstances)
  • Time-limited advantageous properties
  • Susceptible to strong external electric and magnetic fields

AntiCa++ unit features

The excellent properties of the AntiCa++ units result from the following design, manufacture, and installation parameters:

  • chemical water composition
  • treated water piping diameter
  • flow rate, i.e., its flow speed
  • piping material - metal, plastic
water treatment - principle

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