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Powel Antica - water treatment devices producer

Zobraziť Powel AntiCa++ na väčšej mape

The KULKA firm (short profile and history)
The KULKA firm was founded in 1992. At the beginning of 1993 the company started working on methods of non-chemical water treatment. The first developed devices were the small devices for family houses and small industrial applications like bakeries or laundries. The devices worked on electromagnetic principle. Later the production extended and included also the bigger types of devices for heating plants and blast furnaces accessories in metallurgy.

In 1996 KULKA firm established new subsidiary under business name POWEL ANTICA s.r.o. (Ltd.) which is exclusive reseller of AntiCa++ devices (DeposiTron is name of AntiCa++ devices for Czech Republic).

Big progress in products innovation started after 1999 thanks to the cooperation with Slovak Technical University in Bratislava.

The KULKA firm is continuously working on innovation of its products for Water Treatment and also other liquid media.

In 2006, the company introduced a brand new product into Slovak market in the field of hard water treatment. The new type of AntiCa++ "N" works on magnetic principle as it uses very strong neodymium magnets to treat water.

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